Spoken Words

How did it feel to have someone like me love you?
Did the spark in my eyes give you light to see life more vividly?
Did my kisses numb the trauma you carry in your heart?
Did my soft skin make you forget about your rough scars?
Did my laugh make you forget that you ever experienced pain?
Did my love for you remind you what it was like to love yourself?

♥ xom  2/23/2020

I know pain by its first name. 
We find each other in every lifetime, 
Forged together like twin flames. 

I know pain by its first ame. 
It was my very first friend, 
When those around me refused claim. 

I know pain by its first name. 
It kept me awake at night, 
as the world slept peacefully sane. 

I know pain by its first name. 
It was a high I sought, 
When love and disappointment became all to much the same. 

I know pain by its first name. 
Your purity is foreign to me, 
Causing me to reject what should make me sane. 

I know pain by its first name. 
It is my reflection looking back at me, 
A reminder that we are one in the same. 

♥ xom  2/23/2020

War Wounds

A warrior with war wounds, she fought so that I could feel.

Feel what it’s like to know peace, after parsing back the pieces of damaged goods.

Feel what it’s like to know truth, truth suffocated under the casket of my skeletons, haunting me with the person I could have been.

Feel what it’s like to know love, love originating from the womb of my Creator, sacrificing pain for the birth of purpose.

A warrior with war wounds, she fought so that I could feel, again.

♥ xom

Free Ride

A rollercoaster of emotions, I hold on for the ride of my life.

Each turn leaving me breathless that I become immune to the sounds of my own screams.

Lost in the rotation of empty infatuations, I’ve forgotten how quickly the suspense dies but how long the pain lingers.

Twisting and turning, if only I could grip onto my innocence with the same fervor I did my seat, maybe I wouldn’t have to show him a good time in order to be seen.

Rollin’ and coastin’, I’m signaled there’s only 30 seconds left.

I don’t think I can handle another round.

Hands up, I’m pretending to have the time of my life.

But now I must decide…am I going to charge or continue to let admission be free?

♥ xom

What do you want?

I want chances to take risks.

I want to live outside of my comfort zone.

I want the freedom to create my life.

I want the resources to make that happen.

I want no room for excuses.

I want to wake up everyday fully embracing my purpose.

I want impact.

I want to live unapologetically in Myy Truth.

I want to honor every aspect of who I was, am, and will become.

I want to be surrounded by love and light.

I want growth.

I want stimulation – mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual.

I want excitement.

I want moments.

I want memories.

I want what my soul deserves.

♥ xom